hullo hallo haiiii

this is a newsletter. this is a blog.
this is some casual extra content because you don’t have enough
this is a dollop of slush that others might throw out and i’m throwing it in

first quarter moon?

i feel like the new and full moons get lots of love.
tryna channel energy for those quarter moons for me & you

fun, cute things

things like GIF of the week, song of the century, best book of ever, ya know.
love sharing content. content content.

quick thots from me to you

this is the original content y’all - may or may not be related to astrology ;
may or may not include some poems

process x process

read up on some process notes/musings of my ~art~ stuff — writing, dance, etc.
babes, have i mentioned i care about ‘process’ ??


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