apr 1 2020 - somehow cogent

but mostly memes, tbh

a few days ago, I started writing this slushee and it somehow turned into something cogent again, something with complete sentences and logically divided paragraphs. guess i’m on a roll or something

still, I don’t trust my sense of judgement right now. I saved those thoughts for another time, another context - maybe the next slushee i’m scheduled to send at the end of the month. maybe my essay on experiencing time online will feel cute and dated. I suspect it’s more likely it’ll still be apt, though not improbable that someone will have articulated some of the same ‘points’ I was exploring, that is, if they haven’t been already (i’m sure they have) don’t already feel redundant.

I then thought about compiling some favorite tweets and memes, which is also redundant ofc, but you can move on and i’ll never know. or u can scroll down if ur curious 🤪

happy Aries szn lol !

and 😪😌🤷🏻‍♀️

this is terrible,