apr 12 2019 - weird feels but ok

in this essay, boundaries, Ciara, #vpss

readers, I think i’m like, fairly ok at twitter. #weirdflexbutok

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next my feelings will go on a spreadsheet b/c everything is a spreadsheet

why include other ppl’s tweets lol?
in this essay, I will talk to myself

in this song, i look at myself in a mirror and belt it out

ur welcome, providing the Spotify and music video for ya.
I am all for Ciara’s recent releases

(I 100% promise I did not know the thumbnail for the mv would be Ciara loving herself in the mirror)

for ur fave homebody, seeing shows and working and being out and about 6 nights a week just doesn’t do it. for this first quarter moon in cancer, i’m not leaving my neighborhood tmw. protect the boundaries!

speaking of, work boundaries!
for some reason (plz, don’t tell me what it is), a non-work text can make me anxious and not want to respond right away. but when a boss texts asking if i’m free to talk on the phone, like right now (unscheduled), there’s something programmed within me (easy answer: capitalism, ugh) that doesn’t think twice about responding right away. when a work boss calls (unplanned) instead of emailing first, I have been one to just pick up. but lately i’ve been on that “hmm, you can wait” vibe. I don’t pick up the phone. I respond to the text when I can and say, “sorry, can we plan for a time, like not a thur evening?” and it’s v good. v good

I know these can sound like ‘obvious’ defenses against burnout but #precariouslabor and #freelancefearz make these steps feel like milestones. congrats to me!

some reads

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