april 14 2020 - fuck sorry, just

a 3rd quarter meme special

today’s third quarter capricorn moon special post is brought to u by Aries season and ur fellow readers (mostly off twitter) who appreciated these quick takes and fun vids
so wanted to share more! so scroll for quality internet-age content or move on
regular content as regularly scheduled (if that even applies to me) coming next time maybe xoxo

[click to see the image —>]

hahahhahaha imagine, worrying about seeing an ex IRL rn hahahaha

this is 2000s white girl pop culture history in 2 twitter threads:

cute puppy interlude:

some physicaldistancing-friendly dance collabs [don’t @ me saying it’s not 6 feet]

classics, on a few levels

imagine being this bored you made this video:

imagine having this kind of patience

ab to make this my email auto-reply:

fuck, sorry we’re here
bleghghghghhgg, bn