aug 23 2019 - everything's lol

tldr; still burnt out but it's ok b/c lol

spoiler alert: #semisolovacay2019 did not fix my burnout

oh wait, I already knew that

somehow, i’m still disappointed I was right lol

but it did shift my perspective on it a bit ofc. more in a sec

happy third quarter moon, which shifts from taurus into gemini today
happy virgo szn, may it bring smoother clarity than this #leoszn has felt for me

but at least there’s poetry

and did you see some of the poems from #vpss? out now in AAWW’s The Margins
(+ can’t remembered / can’t be bothered to double check if i’ve sent Jean Lee’s piece in Culturebot)

yes i’m that promoter but also, sharing things i’ve enjoyed supporting (also, save the date for the next ‘soft bodies in hard places’ program, loveconductors present ghoul|take III on sept 25 @ issue project room)

i noticed i’ve been ending lots (more than usual lol) of my tweets / txts with lol lately because that permutation of letters also means ‘omg i’m being sarcastic but i’m not lol’

so who knows what I mean and I could elaborate but won’t just now but instead here are some

other recent-ish readings:

this meme, but i’d also give it the simple caption of ‘‘‘mood’’’'

besides catching up on work (which besides being predictably annoying (i’m so good at whining), has been fine, and at worst, only slightly overwhelming) , i’ve just been being slow and reading some but more writing and lounging and being mindless and dancing and discovering my body more and again and lifting weights and having mixed feelings about dancing and maybe 'a system’ will find me in this new season to sort through it but maybe it’ll just all just float while it can still summer and thankful for these pockets of slow time and, well, autumn’s coming eventually I guess and maybe this might be restorative and

maybe i’ll keep up ? lol

to taking my time with myself