aug 7 2019- #semisolovacay2019

sloppy making decisions

y’all, i’ve had some very groggy and sloppy moments lately and I apologize if my oversights has affected you.

My last slushie, I just noticed I abbreviated ‘jun’ instead of ‘jul.’ I sent a broken link to an essay I wrote and one of you caught it, thank youuuu

A work email person had to tell me I made a typo. And then when I responded, I called the person the name of someone else in the email and I’m such a hypocrite. Please don’t send me any of your copyediting gigs, my brain is not there right now

I can blame burnout, I can take responsibility for being sloppy ass, but I can’t blame #semisolovacay2019 , which hadn’t started before any of these errors

The thing about staying with/visiting dear ones is that they want to me as a ‘guest’ to make the decisions. One of the best things about #solovacay2018 was knowing what decisions I wanted to make (where to go, where not to go, how to spend my time, to not get that tattoo for funsies, etc.).

But since I’m seeing people who know what’s up, I’d really love it if you told me what to do because I’m not trying to waste my time having a mediocre time. Also, I’m clearly just barely keeping it together

so maybe it’s a good thing it’s just a #semisolovacay2019 because family and people are great and i’d elaborate more but

happy first quarter moon in scorpio!

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