dec 15 2018 - i told you so

when i'm right, i'm very right HA ok

dear darling in december,

this sagittarius season has also been so challenging (see a pattern with me?) and so, so fun. of the sun seasons to get my life together, i wouldn’t ever have thought sagittarius would be it and i’ve still been quite messy (sorry email, can’t with you), but i’ve some how tapped into this hyper-manic GTD energy that I haven’t had in a while. not sorry that i’m finding a mode to work thru the excesses of hyper capitalism lol but am sorry that my communication has received a C- clarity rating from myself and you know how kind I am to me, is this a complete sentence? idk

maybe i’m rambling because i’ve also been noticing a tendency to not speak when i shouldn’t, to feel a sagittarian kinda frustration with myself for seeing a situation unfold at work that I don’t think makes sense, have it go terribly, and then be like, to myself @ me: “you shoulda defended ur boundaries” or “you knew that ur boss was INCORRECT”

and like, yah, i tried and ‘picked my battles’ or whatever but also it’s a lesson for me. i can be strategic or considerate about dealing with things but I can also just speak up

light that fire and watch it crackle warmly, making my hands less frigid let my heart melt again and again because i’ve been feeling in it, and it’s actually been fun having a direct sagittarian up-frontness with myself that’s refreshing than my wishy washy usual but still mutable and flowin

happy first quarter moon. have i mentioned it’s in pisces?

also, have I used the word ‘sagittarian’ enough? have i made my peace with this sign for right now? Jupiter is in sagittarius for like, another year so get ready, i’m pally not done?


when the mood is digging up ur own tweet so you can retweet it b/c it’s still true:

the culture [singular lol]

Morgan Jerkins on internet apologies, this ugh

and if comic sans was misunderstood, what was i? click the whole thread


I can’t believe feb 2 is coming soon.
it’s been a joy working on this so far
so much more to say, much more coming soon, i think, can’t wait y’all

slushies, ♡ bn