dec 29 2018 - puppies and lists

the definitive 2018 rankings

[omg today's the 29th, not tmw lol]
dearest dear,

idk if i have many interesting thoughts lately — the tldr; includes tryna (unsuccessfully) to be productive (on my own projects and for work), weird family dynamics, weird NYE hype, and puppy vids and end-of-year best of lists.

the last two have probably been my favorite procrastination tools. i knew i was in deep-rut when I followed all the twitter puppy accounts. I won’t enable you but I will include the sloppiest *2018 Year End Best Of The Things* there ever was below ;)

oh, and i guess an astro thought is that the moon is currently in libra and will enter scorpio on NYE so you’ll know i’ll be having a good introvert time with my books and wine and tarot in a couple days dreamin up the best ;)
[The intro to Alice Sparkly Kat’s Disappointing Horoscopes was about all I need tho lol]


ppl ask me a lot why i do so much (aka too many) things and honestly, i’m just tryna be instagram famous anyway i can (hahhh) but actually tbh (super earnestness ahead): i do feel pretty fuckin blessed to learn so many things from (in no particular order) dancing and performing and writing and admin-ing and, most recently this curating thing. yes about myself, but almost always also about power, and economies, and shared dialogue and those things are everywhere ;)

2018 Year End Best Of The Things

most versatile aka overused emoticon


fave non-human animals embodying the mood (so incomplete)
some fave bops (no order, leaving so many out, rough)
  • Dead to Me’ - Kali Uchis (plus the album Isolation)

  • Screwed’ feat. Zoë Kravitz - Janelle Monáe (plus the album Dirty Computer)

  • I Do’ feat. SZA - Cardi B (plus the album Invasion of Privacy)

  • A Pearl’ - Mitski (plus the album Be the Cowboy)

  • 2’ - H.E.R. (plus the album H.E.R.)

  • N1FWM’ feat. Charlie Sheena, Gia Shakura + ‘Care For You’ gtr. by Lu Yang - OHYUNG

  • Baby Forgive Me’ + ‘Send to Robin Immediately’ - Robyn (is she problematic tho? can’t answer this rn)

some fave books (no order, read if not published this year)

don’t ask me about my fave performances because i can’t

ur welcome for this thing NO ONE asked for
if ya want, plzzz reply with some of ur faves or any other recc’s !
hugz from ur fave tastemaker ;)
(^^have i used this enough yet?)
♡ ♡ benedict