feb 12 2019 - all the content so meh

curation 11 out of 10, blandly bleh mood

i’m so behind on tv and have many questions for what this show centers but i do love it and also ^^^ damn, a mood.
exhibit b: i don’t even know what this song is about but also, the title was stuck in my head. it’s that blandly bleh mood that’s a little gratuitous and boppy-lite. makes me laugh because, really …. what? tf? ‘sex money feelings die

the moon has returned to a first quarter mood in taurus so that song title is ok? goodness

me, broken record version: there’s so much content out there.
exhibit c: think about how 1 album could generate lifetimes of remix albums.
i actually not sarcastically have been enjoying this one:

this is scary to announce on this public forum, but it’s semi-relevant and nothing’s a secret anymore. i’m a Pisces sun.
been thinking about Gala’s Feb horoscope a lot so far this month

This month go steady with yourself, Pisces, and give your other powers a chance to grow. 

wait what? how? honor commitments to friends, manage my email anxiety lol, make what ppl were calling my ‘curatorial debut’ lol, tryna meet my annual deadline of filing my taxes before my bday when I haven’t even gotten one of my 1099s yet and also, #grantszn. so where am I in all that

gotta figure something out, i guess. i welcome send any and all suggestions HAH. icymi, Naimonu James has me journaling some questions in the February horoscope

if you yearn to leave your edens, what is your transition plan out of them into the wilderness?

been really sloppy (sry) but also, been really (too) thorough. I could cool it

twitter is really the best

ex: how i feel tryna show up for being in public

ex: layers on layers of not-quite true but kinda truths.

ex: like cringe-laugh-cackle-it’s not real but it is too real:

the tweeter seems pretty problematic, but this is also true:

(^tweeter has 41k followers as of 2.12.19, lol)

read x read

plus, here’s ur awards szn think piece on 'Oscar villains’ that get the trophies. idk

&& icymi (don’t worry, u didn’t): brilliant Tara Sheena’s brilliant piece on #rnma
&&&& since all comm’s happen thru the IG now, see/read my non-Notes app but instead IG-caption-mini reflection on #rnma

thanks to Ellen Chenoweth for this fun shout out about dance folks and newsletters!
haven’t sent a taco gif in a while (or was that only the 1 time?) so here’s a cocktail spinning on a mango. this is branded content that they spent money researching, creating, filming, editing, etc. ok. ok. ok. but look at that precariously perfect, permanent balancing act!

this is the realest y’all,
ur very best aquariusszn bn