feb 26 2019 - chats with urself

more layers + intertextuality, books, millennial pink ooh, etc.

what a sumptuous pisces szn, y’all! and we’re just a week in

^^did you click and read those layers?
or have a conversation with your own work? ‘intertextuality’

contemplating a career change .. plz send me any personal shopper client referrals my way!

read x books!?

I think books are hard to talk about (almost as tough as dance!) because

so I haven’t, but maybe, one way is to play the game. lean in or whatever
**also, spoilers. giving away some of premises/themes but not much more**

from the first tweet in this slushie, check out (recommended to me by another graphic artist April Malig) Jillian Tamaki’s graphic books SuperMutant Magic Academy and Skim. SuperMutant uses the searingly honest accounts of teenagers to shed light on how embarrassing humanity is. among so many other things. oop. it’s hilarious.

also, from another tweet above, thinking of how I accidentally read Shanthi Sekaran’s Lucky Boy and Lisa Ko’s The Leavers within the same month and (oop) read one of them without knowing what it was about, so did not see the light parallels coming way. Both follow birth parents, adoptive parents, and a boy child adopted across national borders and races. While Lucky Boy journeys between yuppie Berkeley and Oaxaca, Mexico, the Leavers travels from the Bronx to Syracuse, NY and Fuzhou, China. Thinking about how prose can be so luminous in different ways about folks ‘good intentions,’ bourgie ideals.

most recently, I finished Porochista Khakpour’s The Last Illusion and am in the beginning-ish Ling Ma’s Severance (among other things, millennial pink book cover^^), which, through different time frames, are weighed down by an end-of-times inevitability. Also, the narrator of Severance has parents from Fuzhou! so far (kindle tells me i’m 24% of the way thru), there aren’t profound meditations on grief and loss but the anticipation of them coming do a lot in both books. also, one of the characters in Illusion is a consummate stylist. Guess who I’m thinking about!

^^low-key assigned a student Elif Batuman’s The Idiot. I realized when she was half way though the book that, at 16/17 years old, how the nostalgic take (& poignant evocation) on freshman year of college must read so differently to her than when I read it well after leaving school. BINGO!

in all seriousness, these quick-takes are just a small kindle% of my thoughts on these recent reads — all fantastic in different ways. ugh, i’m so generic, but if anyone wants to ~commission~ me to craft some smarter words, hmu. yay for books

also, after 4.5 years, my phone can’t go on. stay tuned for the instagram memoriam
my new phone case is… millennial pink. but like, metallicky

what are you reading? any and all recommends of any medium welcome!
if you’ve made it this far — in this slushie and/or from the first one in oct — thank u.
next,** feel free to ‘like’ the post, send it someone who might be interested, send me your thoughts, etc.!

**(see what I did there? k i’m done)
the moon is in sagittarius but only for a moment,
♡ bn