jul 24 2019 - quick cat note sit

i'm not late, I promise

b/c it’s still june 24 on the west coast, where I leave for #semisolovacay2019 in just a few days :)

^^ GIF: Amethyst flipping her hair, living her life on the beach, from Steven Universe. ALSO, one of 2 featured gif’s in last year’s widely celebrated autoresponder for #solovacay2018 ;) *

happy Leo szn, happy third quarter moon in pisces, sad sad sad, or whatever vague words for greetings/emotions

i’m singing and loud and tired but hanging
these first two days, i’ve spent more time with people (and often, quite lovely company) than i was planning for even a week ago, but that’s probably cause my google calendar didn’t have it all inscribed

also, is there a better way to start the leo szn than cat sitting?

I probably would’ve freaked out had I known

instead, i’m stumbling, falling asleep standing on the subway (uhh….) but enjoying the company of beautiful people

if you’d like, stop reading this and go spend time with yourself and/or others :)

or if you want to read more things on your screen, I invite you to read some recent writings

or reread/share one of the super-max takes I offered u in the last two slushies lol

and look forward to emailing me in a couple weeks so you can get the #semisolovacay2019 edition of my autoresponder ;)

urs, b