june 10 2019 - loud, pipin down

this slushie only includes 1 link to twitter, *gasp*

i don’t know if I know how to write one of these slushies without leaning on tweets, whining about sleep or burnout, but clearly i have my ~recurring themes~ and that’s ok. i will only take on the first challenge in this slushie, so if ur missing out on tweets, join me on twitter [this plug doesn’t count!]. it’s very good; you can waste much time.

the phrase ‘first quarter moon slush’ sounds like a nice antidote to sleep deprivation or burnout but in reality, i am drafting this the day it’s supposed to go out and past midnight and i got 10 hours of sleep on Friday night (by accident) after a very long #geminiszn wk of very little sleep.

happy first quarter moon in Virgo, do i sound like the Virgo version of myself tryna get it together yet?

i love all my Virgo friends and dears. they are many. beyond caring about them as individual people outside of their Sun signs (lol), i also wonder how (some) Virgos’ affinities for structures and systems that often escape me (as much as i try to pretend otherwise) make a good complement to my vague vacillations or if it’s just aspirational. whatever the reasons (plural, multiple), they are always beyond trying to explain with an alliteration so forgive me for the semi-serious attempt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

in a way, as u already know, these slushies keep me to some kind of system. in that color-coded todoist (linked above, and also, a system that has become completely unmanageable with all of its uncompleted tasks, oops that wasn’t the point), i had programmed reminders for these to go out through the end of this month, june 2019. i didn’t want to feel forced to sustain this experiment and am not definitively stopping it but am inviting you all to know that each one i write isn’t rote, routinized work but a choice to write something for myself and for you. i think i enjoy it, differently, each time.

so, stay tuned for how this continues to evolve, etc. if i do use that color coded mess to remind me of the moon’s shifts, wish me luck in cleaning out that mess first lol

and yes, in case u haven’t already noticed, i have only linked to myself in this slushie.
i hope you find similarly useful outlets for self-absorption if you should need it this #geminiszn
If you don’t need ‘em, pipe down.

in the mean time, i will pipe down til #cancerseason,
see you for #vpss if you’re in NYC-adjacent,
ur very fave navelgazer,
benedict ♡