mar 14 2019 - me time, slow time

mercury retrograde, ' full time freelance '


sex is great and all but have you ever experienced pisces szn x mercury in retrograde?
this is it.

for me that means, slow time. slow slow me me me me introvert x999 time with some social time as appropriately allotted following requisite minimum of memememetime

it’s meant tryna teach myself how to go to sleep and learning from that. exhausted af

it’s meant all the weirdest dreams

it’s meant trying to find ease and patience to realize that hey, i’m like weirdly in sync with the multiverse / the multiverse is looking out for me

ofc, the above tweet just skims the surface of all the things that aren’t going right— the usual stuff, the big stuff.

but also, I feel hyper aware (is the word gratitude?!?!!??????????) when things line up smooth and easier than it could be.

maybe i’m just blessed , maybe i’ve drunk some kind of positivity kool-aid that will wear off in like, 3 seconds. because..

but it’s been happening

getting in my feelings, cozying up to myself

this newsletter is low-key just a tweet compilation. ur welcome

^^^someone tell me the answer. twitter has failed.

But also, sometimes twitter gets it. the power of the ratio:

&& the govt/regulation infrastructure appears to do its job tho!

unless this is performative and Condé Nast just pays them off and we keep getting exploited #teamfreelance #precariouslabor

^^omg what if our engagement wasn’t quantified?! can someone tell me what a healthy conversation is tho?

plus more evidence that big media is … what it is:

and and, your #grantszn affirmation on the non-profit industrial complex (by Yasmin Nair, Current Affairs) being itself

over the course of today, the moon shifts from gemini to cancer so if that mood is at all felt in this slushie (but like, in backwards order), lmk so i can get my affirmation thx

&&& also, can you all appreciate how I made the new banner above in like 10’ ??
i’ll be launching my new personal shopping / graphic design-lite freelance hustle momentarily. again, all compliments welcome

thx much, thank u, thanks much, in gratitude, bn ♡