may 11 2019 - multi tasking

mish mash can't even call it a listicle

enough people have talked about how efficient technology is bad or whatever (no need to cite because it’s casz) but that didn’t stop me from feeling lo-key pumped about saving 2 minutes by being my own mf assembly line 🙄

only to manifest my burnout by wasting time tryna focus ON 10 things at once while also knowing that that’s not useful but i’ve already whined about that millennial burnout article so i’ll stop and just share another tweet:

more multi-tasking: remember that dance thing I was rehearsing for? had many un/related thoughts/feelings before / during / after the show, which is a vague way to say again and again that performance is multiple and fascinating always

also, i’m reading 5 books at once. don’t ask me how I feel pretty thoroughly engaged in each one

idk what this vibe means and single tasking is a nice idea and maybe i’ll find it again someday but in the meantime, i’ll blame my space brain on all the internet stuff there is, including

see u in gemini szn lol,