may 26 2019 - #geminiszn

I've tried 3 times to send this

[plz believe me I sent this on may26 and it didn’t work and then again on may28 and clearly I need to double check b/c that didn’t work so ur welcome, get ready for another one tmw lol, what’s a technology]

[description: the torso of a shirtless lounging human on a computer screen, behind which sprawls the legs of a cat]

happy gemini szn y’all!

Mitski really summed it up tho:

there’s something about the scorpio (Carly’s sun) intensity of this lyric with a slightly manic gemini sun (where the Earth is now) feel. FYI today’s 3rd quarter moon transitions from aquarius to pisces so if ur ready to shape shift between air and water and again…

who said dance isn’t political??

I wish I had anything to say on these dance/text things and where the dance these people enact comes from and the too-many layers of all of this together. maybe assuming that the root of these raised eyebrows is easy to find is unfair but sometimes, I don’t have to explain it all and everything is a bit raised eyebrow and if this isn’t me in #geminiszn, I invite u to re-discover this horrific thing that I did last year . b/c the internet’s raised eyebrow is that I haven’t been prolifically tweeting more of these kindsa thoughts, wish me luck!

some other memes

something about trains

when this hits ur inbox, i’ll be on a train, hopefully reading and writing but probably lightly napping. I remember for a paper in college (ok, ok my thesis) I wrote a little something about how writing in a moving vehicle is super satisfying. actually 2019-me is saying it’s ‘super satisfying.’ thesis me was using some cool theories to talk about other stuff wrt (with respect to—plz rescind my right to abbreviate) train writing but I bring this up to hope that when this hits ur inbox, there’ll be cool scenery moving by you at whatever speed #geminiszn considers appropriate

if you have even an inkling of what I might be saying, lmk xoxo hahaha

ps. #vpss next month! omg jun 18 @aaww & jun 21 @issue, not sorry for the promotion, idk how