nov 15, 2018 - expand, expanse

kitty, soup, 'bye bitch,' & mitski

dear reader,

i’m feeling tender and tenderized and powered up and down something.
as you know (assumption): it’s scorpio szn !!!!
last week’s new moon in scorpio + jupiter entering sagittarius feel revelatory to me.

jupiter in scorpio (oct 2017 - nov 2018) was a challenge ~~______~

as i’ve been growing and being wider in new ways, i’ve been starting to remember
my body, my vessel, my instrument has boundaries and i’ve been pretty consistently overstepping them

to do things now, so i can do things in some hypothetical, apocalyptic future…

but really, in this now:
tryna channel these phase shifts to consider that my growth has to come from within
that i need to choose myself deeply before i can help myself, anyone else, or anything else grow. trying to be patient with myself

tldr; i need to honor introvert me and sleep more

this week’s *relevant gif* lol

me catching my reflection after long time no see. what an expansive place

caption: the most adorable kitty explores their reflection in a mirror


the winter cold slaps but wakes me up

cheekily or spitefully tell someone goodbye. and cackle

washing machine heart ~~ mitski


ty for reading

~~*~*~~~*** benedict