nov 29 2018 - boundaries, entanglements

tryna sagittarius with mercury in rx, etc. etc.


icymi, mercury is in retrograde and i’ve had pretty much every issue lol — heinous subway delays, wonky phone, ppl not emailing me back, ugh,
but it’s fine, give it one more week y’all. ughh\\;;;

the moon enters virgo today (5 min ago). i hope it gives me some slightly neurotic clarity i’m not feeling (luv u virgo babes)

if you know any of my chart, it’s probably not surprising sagittarius szn is weird for me. i’m tryna feel emboldened and maybe just a lil bold.

maybe my patience runs shorter and my sentences clip tighter and i push back in disagreements. letting folks know what I *really think* within matrices of power (ty to my bosses for having it and not firing me I guess?) is hard but is an employee not kinda like a child testing their boundaries?
this is probably the most incorrect metaphor

internet thingz

in memoriam, #scorpioszn2018

#2018vibes x 99999

and thankful for write ups about art things… as limited as they are, i’m not in Texas rn but am thinking about entanglements and institutions, and what arts can, most of the time… some-ish related things:

How the Museum is Like a Prison - by Kyle Croft

The Philosopher Who Believed That Art Was Key to Black Liberation - Michael P. Jeffries

The Sordid Necessity of Living for Others - Justin Torres

process notes

of course, that’s just one ‘function’ of writing.
i’ve been thinking about how a few of my bosses are women artists of older generations who are still around, making work. amazing.

and how i’m also in dialogue with artists nearer my age and what it means to be trying to make new ways of making that could be better.

sometimes when things are assumed to be normal, it can feel weird to ask, ‘but what if you ____??’

but let’s ask. make it weird

keep trekking y’all

[gif: a happy taco keeps walking, keeps falling over, keeps picking itself/its contents back up. idk if I relate but…]

🔥🔥 benedict ♡