nov 4 2019 - sensical synchronicity

learning dance moves and meme cultures

a cliché: write what you know

I have usually considered myself among the dancer folks who don’t retain new choreography well. i’d nearly black out in auditions and not remember learning something or attempting to recreate it in front of judgmental people around me and looking down on me from behind the gates they kept

I remember fixating on 2 dance moves, 2 counts in a 16-count phrase — at the complete loss of any of the other 20 dance moves or 14 counts lol

when I was at my dance-busiest a few years ago, i’d write everything I learned down to keep track of it. I discovered my own system for tracking movement vocabulary, sequences, spacing, etc. and made myself someone who could keep track of things.

shifting perspective:

at some point, by writing all the dance moves down, I somehow became the kind of dancer who no longer need to write the dance moves down. I am definitely not the fastest, but i’ve become a much quicker study. teach me, don’t make me nervous, and my body will show you it was sensing, absorbing,

the power of a trusting, patient environment though!

in different dance processes over the last year, i’ve been thinking about what happens when i’m not patient or trusting with myself—where I distort the dance to suit my nerves, where I hold tension. I’ve been aware of what cues help me learn and how those cues become useless in within new frameworks

embodied knowledge is pretty cool, I guess

another cliché: ‘misery loves company’

but wait: i’ve been having weird but totally sensical shared symptoms with folks. maybe it’s too easy, too true to say that folks are just having bad days all around. yayyy what a time, lol, cue #apocalypticbop

but I feel like my particularly bad days are finding resonance in folks i’m talking to or reading on the Twitter (since I'm ‘off the gram’ ya know)

last week, I was having weird chest pains and a few other folks were too

yay for this anecdotal evidence for my Big Argument that it’s disorienting and reassuring that at least some of us are suffering together

overrated and important: full moons

underrated and important: first quarter moons and the moon all the time

I was walking home sunday night at a casual 642pm and could already see in the dark sky (DST needs to end!) a pretty severe looking (almost) first quarter moon and was impressed by the clarity of this awkward half moon time

i’ll bury the notification here that i’ll be skip out on the next few third quarter moons and shift to publishing ‘first quarter moon slushees’ on … first quarter moons

meh: original thinking and inventive forms

blegh: the way that the format of this slushee has been subsumed into meme culture and I really couldn’t help myself, get me off the internet, I’m not

previous slushees: anticipating the quarter moon vibes or writing alongside the day-of feels, delivered on time

this slushee: reflecting on a weird day and sharp moon, sent late.

here’s ur bi-weekly dose of regular gossip

happy first quarter moon Aquarius - I don’t have the words to explain why right now and