oct 16 2018 - compartments

libra szn thots in an age of mass 'content'

first quarter moon // libra szn offering

[gif: Lion from Steven Universe stepping into a 6-pack box and collapsing it]

thinking about all of the compartments and a weird-magic night where people from different parts of my life were in the same room. it was beautiful

with venus in retrograde, re-evaluating relationships not just with people but with work and all the Things I do as a ‘freelancer’ and my sense of self

asking for clarity around what Things matter and how to filter through all the possibilities (the slush!!) and make yummy frozen drinks that gimme that good kinda brain freeze

(did I overdo that metaphor? is this a Good First Post?)

relevant tweets

more is more is more is more. (how many times a day do i say this?)
but also, can anything be captured? what slips thru?

meta~cultural comment

This article on Wired bemoaned how many streaming subscriptions / media there is out there to consume. A media theorist wrote: "It starts to evacuate the potential for any real communal, cultural touchstone when we’re all watching completely different services" (Jennifer Holt, University of California, Santa Barbara)

#hmm.. been thinking about content overload (ty for reading!) but also, shatter the monoliths right? the plurality of content, of art, of things means more people are making more stuff and more communities and dialogues can spread about more things. why does there need to be one (or few) touchstones??

and maybe this is kind of a romantic way to think about it, but maybe this is a kind of anarchy that’s good for the Culture?

but also, if you haven’t watched One Day at a Time, we can’t have a convo
but take your time reading Not Here by Hieu Minh Nguyen. more on this next time