oct 31 2018- 3/4 moon_hallowhatever

broke stuff but make it cos-play

bless the multiverse, it’s scorpio szn
it’s the end of the October and if *really* , by tmw i’ll draw from that pelvic power** to keep the work of growing / changing / expanding bigger than i am.

idk about y’all but this past month has been unearthing all kinds of work / family / relationship mess. the illusions and costumes that things that aren’t working wear to tell me ‘hey, i’m fine. i don’t need to be fixed’

the full moon in taurus (wed 10.24) was sparkling bright but matte
alluring but subtle, sustainable
& since last wk i’ve been sinking, fall away from that that kind of outward shine into swallowing depths where i’m meant to be.

new moon in scorpio next wed 11.7

as promised, expanding on:

Not Here by Hieu Minh Nguyen

i actually wouldn’t / couldn’t try to talk about the poems.
i just want to plug again and again —> at your library or here:

it’s not that it’s a ‘sad’ book of poems. it’s that the grief is so nonchalant, it almost hides before it hurts so good. picking this up again and again

fave tweets

this is a thread — easily among my top 50 tweets of all time, maybe even 40:

process x process

as promised, this series will share some thoughts about making stuff that’s pretty, etc.
this got announced! i’ll be ~curating~ sum stuff @ issue project room in 2019
^^more next time

writing a ‘Review’ about something and remembering why I don’t make it a thing to write these. trying to find that broader stroke to draw and think about what work i’m centering by writing this at all. how can this work of this writing be shifted towards something new?

was there a thru line here?
saying too much all the time,

**pelvic power or sumthin