mar 28 2019 - direct, direct!

like reverse, reverse! but

[someone make that cha cha slide remix, ty]

after over 3 weeks of seeming to go backwards (like why?!), mercury stations direct today!

and i’m probably in the minority when I say that, on the whole, it’s been good for me. it probably helped that mercury has been hanging out in pisces. (feel free to hate me for this): the trains had never been kinder to me and that’s just one light (but impt!) example of feeling in sync with the things.

but when the sun shifted to #ariesszn, this ease started to crumble a bit. all the bumps in the road became super present & annoying where they had faded into background noise easily in prior weeks.

so the easy narrative might be that this big sun shift was a small test on how the patience and smoothness I had found in the dailyness of tryna be (feel free to stop reading, like now lol). idk if I ‘passed’ if this was the thing

an even cheesier thread to surface is how these big/small/medium shifts are putting in sharper relief my attunements to myself, the things near me, and everything else that revolves around me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ;) ;) ;)

light a fire y’all, it’s Aries season!

[gift: Jack Jack from The Incredibles, literally lighting on fire]

most nights: (this slushie) was written in the daytime)

When strangers find out i’m a dancer: “Wow that’s so cool” 😏

when the astrology is correct:

can’t fix the system by telling people what to do

some book thoughts

goodbye march 🔥🔥